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  • 日本語版出願要項はこちら

Web Entry system is available during the following period:

Currently, Web Entry system is not available.

April Admission, 2023 (2023年4月入学)
Application Period: September 20, 2022 - October 7, 2022 (by 3 p.m. JST)
出願期間: 2022年9月20日 - 2022年10月7日15時(日本時間)

October Admission, 2023 (2023年10月入学)
Application Period: March 22, 2023 - April 7, 2023 (by 3 p.m. JST)
出願期間: 2023年3月22日 - 2023年4月7日15時(日本時間)

December Admission, 2023 (2023年12月入学)
Application Period: May 22, 2023 - June 2, 2023 (by 3 p.m. JST)
出願期間: 2023年5月22日 - 2023年6月2日15時(日本時間)

Please read the application guideline and following topics carefully before starting Web Entry.

Flowchart for Web Entry

Flowchart for Web Entry

System Requirements

PC Browsers and Versions

On Windows On Mac
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)
  • Internet Explorer 11.X
  • Microsoft Edge (Latest version)

  • (Note)
    ・If you are using Internet Explorer on Windows 8.X, launch the program from the desktop.
  • ・Using the compatibility view mode of Internet Explorer may cause designs and layouts to collapse; therefore, it is not recommended.
  • Safari (Latest version)
  • Google Chrome (Latest version)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Latest version)

PDF Viewers and Versions

On Windows On Mac
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
・Acrobat Reader on Windows 8.X is not a recommended environment.
・The built-in PDF viewers of web browsers are not recommended environments. Please use Adobe Reader instead.
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
・Preview on Mac OS is not a recommended environment.
・The built-in PDF viewers of web browsers are not recommended environments. Please use Adobe Reader instead.
It is recommended that you use a PC (not mobile devices). If you use mobile devices to fill out forms, errors may occur when entering a thesis or printing a PDF. To use the web entry system efficiently, please use a PC.

On Preparation for Web Entry

  • Enter Your Email Address
    An email address is required to create your account. Enter an email address for your PC and configure filtering settings to receive emails from the “entry.ap-graduate.tsukuba.ac.jp” domain.
  • Prepare Payment Information
    Payment cannot be made through this web entry system. Please read the application guidelines carefully, submit payment for the application fee, and enter information on the web entry system.
  • Prepare to Print Documents
    Necessary documents can be downloaded in PDF format after completing the web entry requirements. Follow instructions per the application guidelines, print the completed documents, and submit by airmail or by hand.
  • Please read other applicable notices.
    • If you leave the browser for more than 30 minutes in the process of entering information, an error will occur and information you entered will be lost. Please save the information you enter frequently.
    • Even if you complete the required forms, web entry will not be complete until you click the “submit” button. Please do not forget to click this button.
    • Please print the necessary documents within the application period. You will not be able to log in after the application period has closed.

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Important Notice


Based on the COVID-19 situation, the University of Tsukuba could possibly change the application/intake process for Non-degree research students for 2023. Check the website for the latest information.



In applying to the Web Entry, you must enter the reference number.

Establish contact with the faculty member directly by e-mail using the Researcher Information Online System (TRIOS) https://trios.tsukuba.ac.jp/en/.
Obtain his/her informal consent to be your prospective academic advisor. He/she will notify you of the reference number which is required to be entered during the web application.
Please note that it may take some time to get the reference number. Therefore, the applicants are strongly advised to give yourselves time to contact your prospective academic adviser to be able to complete the application during the period.